Sweden: Amazing nature, fantastic design and innovation, great dining as well as a successful mix of modern and old.

The beautiful nature of Sweden is world famous. There are protected national parks all over the country and each of them offers unique nature experiences. They are all open to the public.

In the north you may experience winters with Aurora Borealis, the Northern lights, and summers when the sun never sets. You dine with your team around the campfire or in a prized restaurant in the middle of nowhere and discuss the adventures of the day of dog sledding, glacier trekking, skis or snow mobiles and enjoy the catch of the day (which could be yours) from the frozen lake. It is a unique region for unique experiences. Nowhere else can you spend the night in a hotel completely built in ice, all year round, or in a small hotel built among the tree tops.

In Laponia (Swedish Lapland) your team may experience the habitat of the native Sami reindeer herding people. In the luscious regions of the south, low rolling hills create magnificent sceneries in the summer. Visit Skåne and dine like kings and queens or visit the amazing summer island of Gotland, once a popular trading post of the north, open for all nations and religions. The beautiful capital Stockholm prides itself of being open to anyone and everyone. There are at least nine roof top bars, and abundance of superior dining and hotels as well as a newly renovated National Museum, which may very well compete with major museums of the world. It is a city on water, so clean that fishing is allowed in the very center of the city.

Why Sweden?

  • Excellent flight connections from all over the world.
  • High-quality meeting venues for smaller as well as larger groups.
  • Excellent dining.
  • The dynamic capital Stockholm, with clean water everywhere.
  • World-famous nature.
  • Great for viewing the Northern Lights.
  • So much to do in summer and winter alike – a wide choice of activities.
  • Laponia (Swedish Lapland), the habitat of the native Sami reindeer herding people.
  • Culture, design, and history…



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